We can’t go back to the old normal, because the old normal didn’t work.

W.O.W. Thank you for this perspective, Julio Vincent Gambuto! I agree, part of the reason why the gaslighting might work is that most want it to work.

I was devastated, trying to explain to my friends in Europe what will happen soon. I was overwhelmed by talking to the virus deniers in the U.S. Unfortunately, I had the experience of living in China during the first month of the outbreak. I’m on quarantine day 73, and I feel like I live in the future sometimes.

I take no pride in it because it sucks. But I see friends and family desperately trying to sugarcoat the reality or point fingers at Italians, Americans, or Chinese.

I realized that when you accept what is going on, and stop looking for positive affirmation to soothe your bias, you’ll be freed. I can’t explain it well, but the brands won’t bother you as much. And you’ll understand that there is no going back to the ‘old’ normal. The old normal didn’t work. And we’re painfully figuring that out.

I’m sorry, but the summer is canceled. The clubs in Spain won’t be buzzing in a month. We’re not going back to weekend dinner parties in two weeks. Your favorite restaurant will never feel the same again.

The faster you accept the reality, the faster we can learn how to move on.

The society is in the A.A. meeting, struggling to take the stand and admit: “I’m human, and I have a problem.”

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