This is the saddest part. What would she become if we gave her a fair chance? She might’ve saved lives instead of taking one.

When you see homeless people on the subway, you might rationalize that they’re all junkie, and therefore, it’s their blame that they’re homeless, dirty, and mentally challenged.

But what if they had a condition, and we discarded them, and because of our inadequate response, they went out to commit a crime? Would you say that a person with schizophrenia without medication is equally responsible for his action? Would you punish him with a prison? What benefit would that do to anyone? Taxpayers would lose more money, and someone would be possibly dead. Prevention is better than fixing stuff.

Numbers don’t lie. America has a punishment problem. You love to blame others, when in fact, it’s our blame. We’re equally responsible for that 13-year-old kid with a rifle in his school.

If we focused more on rehabilitation and a healthy environment, we wouldn’t have to punish people as much. (Case: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, and basically the whole of Western Europe…)

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