The Most Important Life Lesson

The One Thing You Need To Master In Your Twenties

woke up one morning and I was out of college. I graduated. My degree was behind me. The funny thing was, being out of school, meant only that real learning was about to start. During studies, I had my fair share of internships and student jobs. But nothing prepared me for what was about to come.

I became a Bachelor of Political Science. What was I going to do now?

I was going to try, try and try some more — try to succeed at anything. I was 23, and I just wanted an opportunity to start my career. Any chance given would be a blessing. I just needed someone who will believe in me.

That, someone, wasn’t there, at least not at first. And what did I do?

I failed, failed and failed some more.

That was the only thing I was good at. I wrote applications and applications — cover letters after cover letters. I did it every night before going to bed. I sent inquiries for more than sixty highly competitive positions. I went to dozens of interviews.

I got at least twenty rejection letters; others didn’t even bother to write me back.

Thank you for applying for the position of _______. We have reviewed all the applicants. Unfortunately, as we identified candidates whose applications match our criteria more closely, we will not progress with your application.

I expected it wouldn’t go smooth at first, but no one prepared me for that many rejections. I felt depressed. I remember lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, contemplating will I even bother getting up. I spent days hiding behind the closed doors. Isolated. My drive was burning out.

When life knocks you down, you have to get up

The twenties will feel like one big beating across the board. Prepare for punches coming from every direction. Your whole existence will be sore at one point.

But don’t give up! The battle royal has just begun.

Getting up is the most crucial lesson to learn when starting. You will fail, and you’ll do it often. Every such failure will offer great insight and learning opportunities. Learn how to get as much as possible from the feedback. You’ll probably feel like dying most of the week. And that is alright. Every time the life screws you over, it’s crucial to scrape yourself from the pavement and continue the hustle. Whatever happens, keep pushing.

If you do it constantly, real results will come. You’ll become smarter, stronger and faster (maybe not in this order, but you get the point).

You’ll learn how to adapt to new circumstances.

For me, I got the job after a few months, I traveled to more than twenty countries, and I published my first book.

More than three years passed since I obtained my Political Science degree. Now, I’m on track to get my next one. I’m about to finish my second dissertation and earn my Master’s degree in Diplomacy.

I already feel like the whole process of failing and getting up is going to start again. This time, I feel ready.

Hit me.

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