Thank you for clearing a few things up. I popped Vitamin D and Zinc mid-through the article, just in case. I know there is no miracle cure, and that holding your breath for 10 seconds is not a viable testing method.

Am I worried about the second and the third wave of the disease. What are the chances of the virus mutating to become more aggressive and lethal? Why is there no talk about it?

The historical data from the Spanish Flu of 1918–1920 is scary at best.

Apparently, Spanish flu was extremely viral and not so deadly at first. The first wave was even debated and contradicted by Italian doctors. And then the second wave hit shortly after and devastated the world. Reportedly people would develop symptoms in the afternoon and die before supper. Also, the virus killed older people at first. Then it came back with a vengeance and devastated mostly young and healthy adults due to their immune systems overreacting to the infection.

How likely are we to follow a similar scenario? Is it possible to predict such things?


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