Nobody knows. Perhaps something better. Perhaps the same.

One thing is certain; she was denied a chance for healthy adolescence by society. You can expect a better outcome from better conditions. It’s common sense, right? If you plant a flower regularly, it has a good chance of growing.

Please don’t say that it’s not a 100% sure way to know the flower will grow.

That would be irrational.

That’s the first argument you’ll hear from middle-class people trying to wrap their heads around a high number of homeless in a first world country.

The US does not, as a general rule, have a taxpayer-funded mental health intervention infrastructure.

Yup, because the US is too busy punishing people to actually help them. Spending money on welfare directly affects spending money on incarceration.

If you offset one budget in favor of the other, you’ll see different results. That’s basically my point. Spend more money to help people instead of punishing them after the fact. I’m talking about the same money you’d already spend. (But that’s communism or whatever, right.)

…individual retain the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, they retain responsibility for the act.

What is right or wrong? Is abortion right? Is smashing the head of a pedophile that abused your daughter wrong?

Also, have you ever heard of Plato’s cave? People born in the hood usually die in the hood.

Hard to make those comparisons. You’re talking small, homogenous nations and comparing them to a large, diverse one.

I’ve never understood this argument. Whatever scale we take, the results are pretty much the same. The EU has 500mil citizens in 28 different nations talking 24 official languages and using 8 different currencies. The EU has 3x less crime overall. I won’t even mention violent crime per capita or incarceration per capita. Bigger Union, more diverse, and 3x less crime. No crazy tyrants or communism. Wait, what?

“America is a third world place wearing a Gucci belt.”

What was even your point?

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