I see the point of the article and I agree there should be a better climate for people who decide to come out with their heartbreaking stories. Real victims do not deserve being bullied on top of the horrors they suffered through.

When it comes to sexual abuse, it can be damn hard to find substantial evidence or build a real court case. Victims often feel confused about what happened and it takes time to come to terms with everything.

Unfortunately, In the wake of #MeeToo movement, we had the opportunity to see numerous false accusations suffocating the platform and giving real monsters a way to discredit the victims.

The public life is full of conspiracies, like it or not, there are money-hungry individuals who won’t refrain from accusing people in power of heinous crimes just to get their five minutes in the spotlight(because any attention is good attention, right).

We can’t take alleged victims word as the sole evidence anymore. It wouldn’t be right to condemn someone on loose counts.

As far as MJ case goes, the case is strange and he was a strange persona. His own doctor went on the record and confirmed Michale was chemically castrated as a kid(which could explain his peculiarities and his voice). He didn’t even have sex with the woman that gave birth to his child. Years of FBI investigations gave no evidence to support the claims.

The parents literally sold their children to Michael Jackson for money. If they were in such a state to do that, what stops them from fabricating the claims against him to further their agenda?

I believe this is enough o establish the benefit of the doubt. Michael Jackson, guilty or not, we shouldn't crucify him just yet.

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