I know Sapiens is more a form of entertainment than a factual scientific history book. But Hahari offers an interesting perspective on the human condition and our evolution. My girlfriend is a biological-anthropologist and I’m hearing about it often.

The wheat domestication, raise of materialism, and plummeting lifespan with the agricultural revolution is something history books can’t tackle well. The fact that Homo Erectus has lived for 2million years is mindblowing. We, as a species, might not even live half that time.

Harari offers his opinion and perspectives that are valuable and builds on history as we know it.

When it comes to the conquest of the Americas, if you don’t live in the States or Canada, you’re learning about conservation of Indians, Canadian policy of forced migration, genocide, slavery, and how Columbo sells the idea of ‘discovering’ an already populated continent.

As for the globalist perspective: Harari warns about the rise of China and a new wave of fascism. He argues that totalitarian regimes can use new technologies to assert their rule effectively. The centralization of policy that has doomed communist regimes in the 20th century is precisely what makes them more effective today. We can see it with coronavirus when you compare China and the US or the UK. And I’m on the same page there.

I’m afraid democracies are chunky and divided, and we’re folding our hand. I’m frightened because I’ve seen it during my time in China and Russia.

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