I hope so, that sounds like a great career. Thank you. Hopefully, you might read my stuff one day.

I get it, you lived your whole life your way, and you won’t take it from anyone that’s not in the scope of your bias. Why would you? It worked so far, didn’t it?

My story started in China 3 months ago. And since then, I changed four countries due to this crisis. I’ve been through all phases of denial. I get it. It’s grim. No one likes reality. It fucking sucks. But the faster you get on board with this fight, the faster our lives can go back to normal (whatever that’s going to be after this shit.)

The alternative is much worse than warming a couch for a few weeks.

(and we haven’t even talked about the rise of totalitarianism, global economic depression, potential armed conflicts , etc…)

I’m not going to reply anymore. We can’t proceed with the discussion if we don’t agree over the reality of things. I believe the world needs solutions, afirmative action and empathy right now, not denialism. I wish you all the best. And I hope this whole crisis won’t affect you as much. Stay safe.

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