I believe we’ve witnessed the anti-panic pandemic too. Denialism. People tried so hard not to panic, they misreacted to the whole crisis in the first weeks. I was so frustrated with my friends in early march, trying to tell them that going to parties is not the best thing right now.

“What I’m a going to? Panic? Excusse me for not panicking!”

There is a big line between panicking and attending massive social gatherings when epidmiologists are telling you not to do so.

Then citing the number of car crashes and regular flu deths per capita trying to convince others that this is not too bad.

“A nasty tornado is going to hit the town.”

“Yea, don’t panic, more people die in car crashes…”

But somehow everyone hoarded toilet paper (You can wash your ass too, you know.)

Coronavirus offers a confusing insight into the collective behavior.

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