I Asked 167 Successful Entrepreneurs How to Start a Business

Here are 32 top answers

Toni Koraza


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Nobody can prepare you for the intensity of starting a new business.

Your life will change in ways you can’t foresee. I started two companies in my 20s, and those two companies improved my life.

Sometimes, having the right insights can help you choose your direction. And most aspiring entrepreneurs need a starting point. So, I’ve asked around.

Serial entrepreneurs’ advice on how to start a business

I’ve sent out two questions to thousands of serial entrepreneurs.

  1. What trait can help aspiring entrepreneurs start a business?
  2. What general advice would you give to people looking to become entrepreneurs?

And 165 replies came back. Here are 32 of my personal favorites.

1. Insight from Shark Tank Entrepreneur and CEO of $30M Brands

Brian Lim and Brandon Chopp from Shark Tank-winning companies iHeartRaves & INTO THE AM, answer first:

“As a business owner, the ability to deal with ambiguity and to synthesize an educated decision is an absolute must. There is no playbook for success when starting your own company and therefore you are often in a position where you have limited information and you need to make a decision. You can spend time gathering more intel, punt on the decision, or make a decision with the information you have.

Another important key trait would be the successful art of delegation. I like to describe what the problem is and what the end result looks like and allow other team members to share in the solution. Oftentimes, business owners push their solutions onto their employees and get



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