How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog With These 3 Hacks

It Won’t Take More Than 5 Minutes

Don’t Waste Your Time

These three short activities will drive more traffic to your Medium stories. You’ll get at least a hundred extra clicks.

These tips and tricks include Quora, ManyStories, and maximizing the ‘follow’ button.

There are a plethora of ways to drive traffics. It’s always advisable to have a sound marketing strategy. If you’re confused as to what that might be, welcome on board.

I’m more of a marketing maverick. There is a lot of trial and error before something hits the spot.

As of now, I’ve used these three strategies to drive more traffic to my Medium page. It takes only 5 minutes. And with time, it will expand your ultimate reach.


Quora is a Q&A site with a voting system. It acts as a social media for Questions and Answers. The site has attracted celebrities and experts in many fields. It’s one of the rare places where you can find Sundar Pichai — CEO of Google — and Ashton Kutcher casually answering questions.

Every serious writer is already on Quora. If you’re not answering questions daily, you’re missing out on potential funnel.

Quora can help you drive sustainable traffic over time. Sustainable traffic.

The site has excellent SEO and works well with Google. Content on Quora easily finds the first spot in the search engine.

Every time you publish an article. Head to Quora and find questions related to your blog. Answer them genuinely. Decorate your post with pictures. It’s important to make it esthetically appealing. Then paste your link at the bottom, and click answer.

That is all; in 3 minutes, you have another link leading back to your blog.


I’ve discovered this platform through Smedian. Both sites are part of the large Medium community. Smedian will help you apply for Medium publications with one click. It’s the easiest way to reach publications on this platform.

Many Stories will let you share and discover Medium stories through different algorithms. The service actively helps you promote your work.

If you paste the link into your profile, you’ll create another permanent backlink to your blog. The search engines will have less trouble locating your work.

I’d usually get another 30 or 40 views from ManyStories. Individual articles land on their first page and get promoted.

It takes less than one minute to set up the account and share your first article.

Follow up to 125 People Each Day

Medium lets you follow up to 125 people every 24 hours. Use this time wisely. Set up the alarm clock at the exact time each day.

Alarm Name; Medium Followers.

Find one curated story that might resonate with your readers. Scroll to the bottom and click on ‘claps.’ Now, follow every person on that list.

There is roughly 5% — 10% of people that will come back to your profile when they get your notification. Some of them will check out your work. Others will follow back. Individual readers will become a part of your tribe.

People that don’t like your blog won’t bother. And the notification icon won’t take much of their time.

There is no foul in it.


These strategies won’t take much of your time. On a productive day, it will take less than 5minute to drive an additional 100 people to your post.

Answering questions on Quora is both fun and useful.

Many Stories might help you discover other great writers.

And following up to 125 souls will at least guarantee that someone reads your work.

Also, don’t forget to interact with your tribe. Always strive to answer all the questions and comments.

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