How to Edit Your Work as an Amateur

Two Must-Have Editing Tools for Beginners

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Editing Software

Using available tools to guarantee your message is concise is a must for new writers. Grammarly Pro and Hemigway Editor will help your Writing stand out.

Editing is every writer’s nightmare. I know it’s mine. Churning out 1000 word articles is a jolly process compared to chopping out 20% of what’s written.

These two tools will help you make easier decisions on what to change.

Our scrabbles make perfect sense to ourselves. If you leave the article to age and read it in 2 weeks, it will feel like your twin wrote that piece.

So why don’t other people get your message?

Maybe your article is all over the place. Perhaps your sentences are too long and don’t connect properly. Maybe you wrote something only you can understand. Who know? Well, it’s usually not you.

As Stephen King said, you’ll have to kill your darlings.

“Kill your darlings, kill your darlings, even when it breaks your egocentric little scribbler’s heart, kill your darlings.” — Stephen King.

It’s easier said than done.

What if you’re starting with your career and madly love your darlings? What if you wouldn’t give a single paragraph away.

Then you’ll need outside help.

Best case scenario is to find a mentor.

What if you don’t have an experienced mentor to help you?

There is another way. Get help from the writing software. I’d advise finding a mentor over any machine. But if you’re unable to find someone who’ll have enough time for you, think about using these apps.

Grammarly Premium

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Grammarly Premium

This is a must for any upcoming writer out there. I guess you already have the free version. Most people have the free version.

Guess what. When it comes to editing, the free version will only help you detect typos and foolish mistakes. It won’t help you with syntax, worldliness, monotonous paragraphs, or passive voice. The app won’t give you many tips to improve your writing.

The free version will help you as much as a bandage would help with the spider bite. Sure, it’s going to cover up the holes and bleeding, but it won’t extract the poison.

When you step into the world of Grammarly pro, you’ll get editing advice. The app will tell you where to cut, what to delete, and what synonyms to use. You don’t have to follow every suggestion, but it will point where you might improve.

Don’t forget to paste your whole text into Grammarly. Their keyboard and browser extensions are great, but they’re not as effective. Somehow it always detects more issues on the webpage.

I want to point out I have no profit from recommending Grammarly pro. I won’t even leave a link here. The app is a household name by now.

The good thing with Grammarly is that they continuously offer discounts. If you’re using Gmail, you might miss this part quickly. The mail might end up under the ‘promotions’ tab. I personally don’t frequent ads that much. I skipped on so many deals from Grammarly over the years because I never bothered to check.

Open up your promotion tab and type Grammarly, you’ll see.

I renewed my yearly subscription last week. It was 50% off. I only paid $69 for 12 months of using the service. Not bad, right?

Hemingway App

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Hemingway Editor

This is the only writing app out there that won’t bother with your spelling. The goal of Hemingway is to make your writing bold and bright.

This is the next step. After you finish with Grammarly, head out to Hemingway.

The best thing about Hemingway — it’s free. The web option is free.

As soon as you enter their webpage, the editor comes to life.

There are no unnecessary ads or selling points. The page is as clear as their goal.

Hemingway will grade your readability. It will highlight lengthy, complicated, and hard to read sentences. It’s going to challenge you to use the least amount of adverbs possible. (a lot of adverbs waters down your story). It’s going to point out passive voice (you’ll probably have this covered with Grammarly, but it doesn’t hurt to double-check).

Finally, it will point out everything that might be weird with your piece.

Final Word

There is no software out there that will make you a good writer. That is something that people have or don’t. Other might develop their skill throughout rigorous writing and reading. But that’s debatable.

In the end, you’re responsible for your words. It’s on you to make it work.

No one in the world can tell you how to be a successful writer, but they can point out the bad stuff. Everyone can spot a rotten apple.

These two apps will help you start developing your editing skill. It will help you see your article from the machine point of view.

It’s essential to see your work from another perspective.

And right now it’s the best thing possible alternative.

Use it wisely.

One last thing. Let your drafts breed overnight. It will help you spot redundancies easier. And read your post out loud if you have time.

Ok, those were two things, but you get the point.

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