Hi Lucas Soares! Thank you for your insightful comment. You’re asking a very good question.

I’ll answer to the best of my understanding, but keep in mind that I’m not a monk or an expert. These are my personal observations.

Buddhism and teachings of Buddha might be confusing when it comes to intent. Intent is not about the future goals and outcomes. Instead it’s focused on being present, aligned with your values, and doing things from your core.

In that sense, you cant really be selfish in intent and present with kindness, if that makes sense? Being selfish for future outcomes means you’re not being present and aligned with inner values.

On the flip side: Wasn’t Buddha serving his self-interests? He went out to the world to seek answers for the human suffering after glimpsing at death, poverty and harsh conditions in the streets. Wasn’t he motivated with an inner drive to find meaning to it all? And if he was, was that bad? Isn’t seeking happiness also a journey of self-interest? You’re essentially looking to get something back and make yourself feel better.

I feel like religion of any kind is not on track with positioning and truly explaining self-interest in the grand scheme of things. Modern Economy and Biology might hold further observations.

My point: If we’re all kind to each other, it’s a perfect world. But life is never perfect, and hardly one religion or scientific discipline can give you every answer. I hope I answered the question.

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