Hi Jonathan White! Routines changed my life. And I managed to finish up stuff I though would be impossible. Writing a novel sounded like an excruciating task reserved only for special humans.

Once in a lifetime, I’ll write one, I thought.

Then, I finished two novels last year.

About the titles, I’m kind of embarrassed about sharing or promoting my novels. Novels are passion projects… But fine, I guess I have to start telling people at one point.

— First Novel: Pack Those Bags: A Wanderlust Adventure (Pen Name: Lucier Mane). Available on Amazon and other outlets. Paperback too. (This was my first attempt at writing.)

— Second Novel: Replace Me (Dystopian thriller. I’m still thinking about the right pen name and the launch date.)

Now, I’ve used the system of creating short-burst routines to study Chinese and Spanish, write short-fiction, Medium, exercise, taking extra university course, and similar stuff. The general idea is to consistently work on something, even if it’s just 15 minutes a day.

With writing, this means having a writing sprint for 15 minutes without editing or retracting.

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