Hi Jimothy Creme Brulee! Thank you for your thoughtful response!

I understand that Arnold’s business practice might sound disingenuous, but have you looked at it from a customer’ perspective? They wanted European bricklaying. And they’ve got two Europeans that barely spoke English that knew how to do it in European style (centimeters and the whole 9-yards). Customers were happy to pay extra for the story around their chimneys or patios.

It’s not different from the horse head figurine in the story or a water bottle you might buy at the local market (let’s assume you buy water for a second). Why don’t people buy the cheapest? They usually pick the right design and the colors on a bottle. The water is mostly the same. They buy what makes them feel a certain way.

As for typos, I apologize if that affected your reading experience. I do my best to catch them with paid software and re-readings. There always seems to be a few, no matter what I do.

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