Hi Chuck! Thank you for keeping the conversation civil. I’m the one out of line here.

…he’s a bureaucrat just like all the rest of the decision-makers. I trust people who are on the front lines, not standing safely in the rear.

This was sort of my point too. People blindly rely on politicians to convey complex medical research in the making. The truth is that COVID is a novelty for doctors and medical professionals. They’re fighting and trying to figure out what’s going on at the same time.

People are dying. And virality of the diseases can easily overload the medical systems, and in doing so, more people die. Roughly 1 in 5 cases require hospitalization. If you don’t get a respirator, even if you 18, you won’t have a fun time. We don’t know about the long-term effect of COVID either, it might damage your lungs irreparably. You might not play frisbee with your kid ever again, because you’d be panting for breath. Besides dying, I’d like to keep my bodily functions as long as possible.

…covid is killing about 0.1% of people who are infected and, it’s estimated that 39% of the population is infected.

This part bugs me. I’d say that the real death toll is way higher than estimated. If you die before being tested (which has a high faulty percentage because it’s so new, and still not developed well), you won’t get confirmed. If you die alone, you won’t get tested. If you die before reaching the hospital (high number of Americans due to a questionable healthcare), you won’t get counted. The numbers are not out yet, and talking in percentages doesn’t mean much. If you die, the chance of death is 100%. That’s a fact.

To demonstrate: Chance of contracting HIV from a single sexual encounter is less than 0,11%. Would you have sex with someone that might have HIV? Even though the risk percentage is astronomically low — way lower than COVID.

Then, my biggest fear: The history repeating itself. If you study the Spanish flu, you’ll see almost the same pattern. The mortality rate was around 2% (COVID is possibly way higher), and the first wave was discarded by doctors. In Italy, they argued the gravity of flu, because it only killed old people. The first wave was not that deadly, just extremely viral.

The virus (as all viruses do) mutated rapidly; the second wave hit the healthiest population, killing young survivors of WW1. The third wave was just as devastating.

Cities that practiced social distancing, and implemented reasonable measures saw a significantly lower death count.

The difference between Gunnison, and Philadelphia was in the death toll and the measures. People of Philadelphia wanted to hold a parade and ignored social distancing. In contrast, people of Gunnison erected barricades and instituted self-imposed quarantine.

The history says that Philadelphia was devastated, while Gunnison didn’t have a single case. Orphans of Philadelphia didn’t care about numbers and statistics after their parents succumbed to the flu.

I’m against taking freedom, and I agree that media is being media (sensationalism, blowing-stuff-out-of-proportion, and pure outrage). But to combat another world pandemic, we need our neighbors to play along and listen to safety guidelines.

Nobody has a reason to take your freedom if you act like a normal human being. Sweden is among the rarest countries on the planet that didn’t implement a single hard measure. The people generally follow the guidelines and don’t play lawyer.

In contrast, the UK tried to follow the same model, and the prime minister ended in ICU, almost dying. British people acted like they’re too good for COVID, ignoring protective measures and social distancing. Now, the UK is the worst country in Europe.

Freedom won’t mean much if you’re dead. But I’d die fighting for it. Just not amid a health crisis. When the dust settles, we can point fingers and have trials and build the new world. But pointing fingers while we’re clearly in the middle of a health war, is both damaging and limiting. And it’s putting others in danger too. That’s how I feel. I’d rather be safe than sorry.

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