Hi Chuck.

You use some very strong language

I’m sorry, I was triggered.

My journey with coronavirus started in China in January when my whole life flipped upside-down. Then I came to Europe, only to watch re-runs of denial and escaping responisbility. Then America experianced an even worse upheaval. The life in Germany and Italy is going back to normal sooner than life in the UK and the US, because people act responsibly towards one another.

And what if the protester(s) do not have coronavirus? Who are they hurting then? How far are you prepared to go with this?

They’re deliberately destalibizing the healthcare, and posing a health treat to others by refusing to wear protection and waving social distancing. If those people protested with masks, staying apart, I’d have no issue. They’re going against the Epidemiologist and Sciene guidelines to take a piss. You don’t have freedom as long as your freedom endangers others. Do you know what you have to deal with such a dangerous freedom coming from others? 2nd Amendman.

I’ll dive a bit too far to display the toxicity of such rationalization when applied from both sides. (I don’t hold any of these beliefs, just trying to demonstrate how would cherry-picked rights work on both sides. And I don’t support any kind of bloodshed.)

They’re protesting for their right of movement or whatever and by doing that taking the time of essential health workers, and getting sick, creating utter chaos during a crisis. Someone from my family might get sick or refused a treatment because of such conduct. Using an AR-15 on those protestors would be perfectly within my constitutional rights offered by the Second Amendment. I’m protecting my family from the imminent and very real danger.

Given the panic and misinformation being spread by some mainstream media and politicians, I can see why you are so fearful.

I’m not fearful, I’m angry! I’m mad because common sense would tell you if you don’t mess with people trying to help you, you will get help faster and sooner. I’m angry because we can go back to normal faster if we get our act together. I’m angry because people are injecting bleach following the guidelines of the President. I’m mad because they’d rather listen to Trump than a bloody doctor.

I’m angry because we give the global governments every opportunity to increase control by such behavior. Parts of Europe are already turning into dangerous dictatorships. These people are giving tyrants every opportunity to strip our rights in the long-run. (Do you remember those 6million dead you mentioned?)

I understand that exercising cool freedoms right now seems like they’re fighting tyranny. But the matter of fact is that they’re supporting it with their actions. And that is what makes me mad.

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