Hi Alexandr! Thank you for leaving such a thoughtful response. I’ve been through 30-day challenges in the past, and I think they’re great. Whatever gets you started. Sometimes it feels better when you have an end in mind, and other times it doesn’t.

Right now, I’m doing indefinite challenges — if that makes sense. I’ll keep it up until it’s sustainable. I’ve recently started doing yoga and light exercise every morning upon waking up. And I’m already practicing one foreign language every day for the past 250 days. These challenges don’t take much of your time. And they offer excellent results.
I hope some of these challenges will stick to become healthy-long-term habits.

I don’t sweat too much about technicals of each comment. My goal is to provide value to the conversation. Sometimes that can be done with two sentences or a question; other times, it takes a few paragraphs. I go with the flow.

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