Healthcare should be social and universal. Whoever managed to sell the American people the idea of private healthcare with insurance companies leading the race is the biggest snake-oil-businessmen in history.

Imagine if you had solely private firefighters? Or Police? Or waste waters? Imagine the mess. That’s precisely how healthcare in the US looks like.

No matter how much ‘freedom’ you want to have, as long as you live in a state, city, or around other people, you should have central social programs.

Police, firemen, garbage disposal, street cleaners, wastewaters, and healthcare should be social, funded by the scope of people using the system.

I don’t get why people protest the idea?

When it comes to a vaccine. I feel there is a gap in the message. Even if we manage to produce an effective vaccine, just the unit production and distribution might take years. If we get a vaccine in 18 months, you can count on another year before we manage to vaccine enough people to achieve the herd immunity. Relying on a vaccine is a gamble at best — a long bet. (I have nothing against vaccines)

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