Existentialism is cool, but it denies the gravity of environmental factors that shape your life and choices. We’re are products of our surroundings, whether you like it or not. Hence biology, evolution and all ‘that emprical science.

Now, when you try to say “let nature run its course,” I’m not sure if you’re talking about what’s happening right now. Because, we’re very much part of the nature, and collective human action is ‘nature running its corse.’

If you‘re referencing raw nature without the existence of human technology, then you probably wouldn’t live to witness this argument. One of the reasons why you lived to your age is the modern technology (Average life span was around 35years in 19. and 20. century in London.)

I don’t understand what your logic is trying to say. I get that you’re angry at the world and that the current state of things is not that great, but denying reality is not cool.

This all leads back to my question; would you die right now for your heard immunity? Do you know other fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters that will voluntarily contract a fatal disease for your idea of heard immunity? Tell me Ian Thorpe, I’m curious.

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