You can expect; you don’t always get a better outcome.

Creating a healthy environment is the best thing we can do, isn’t it? Relying on punishment to fix all the wrongs is neither healthy nor successful. (case: the US against every other developed nation.)

You’re creating disenfranchised people that will go out to commit more crimes. Every inmate knows that prison is a college for criminals. The system is clearly flawed.

And if we as a society know how to make it better, but refuse to do so, it’s equally our responsibility too. We’re an accomplice to the crime.

You’re conflating two separate problems. Not all people with diagnosable mental illnesses commit crimes. Not all criminals have diagnosable mental illnesses.

I was talking about welfare — an umbrella term for social programs that might help the girl in this story and mentally challenged individuals.

Good policymaking is nothing more than the allocation of resources. When something clearly doesn’t work, you switch funding to more progressive institutions. In this case, that would be the reform of prison systems in favor of social programs.

Why am I advocating this approach? Because it works in other developed nations.

Switch from punishment to prevention and rehabilitation.

Perhaps you’re not aware that the US has horribly botched the socialization of its African American population, leading to the outsized incarceration issues you’re referring to.

I hate to compare atrocities, but have you heard of Colonialization and WW1, WW2, and Balkan Wars? It happened on the territory that we call the EU now.

Surprisingly, after the recent devastating events and genocides, Europe has managed to come together and work as a Union. Crime rates are lower, and social stability is higher. The talk about reparation is getting more traction lately too. Black people live outside the US as well… America has a problem with racism, not botched socialization.

The person who commits a crime is responsible for the crime.

You can’t disenfranchise people and then blame them for everything that happens. It doesn’t work. America is a prime example.

Biggest homeless population, highest number of mass shootings and biggest prison system in the world. Maybe the way you treat people is not the best? just saying…

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