Creatine is not bad, but I’ve noticed something from personal experience that rarely anyone talks about.

First, you’ll gain a bit of muscle water weight (if you’re a responder. individuals might not respond to exogenous creatine). Second, your memory and motivation will get a boost. You’ll notice the recall after a few weeks. Third, you’ll pee like a pregnant lady. (Supplementation leads to a higher water intake.)

The problem: creatine screws up with deep sleep. Prolonged usage will leave you tired and you’ll have trouble learning news stuff. (Nothing irreversible nor crazy damaging.) Apparently, deep sleep is when your memory is processed.

I tried to mitigate this with 5htp, cold rooms, distressing, magnesium, excercise, and everything I could find online. Individual supplements mitigated the lack of deep sleep, but not to a sustainable level.

After eight months, I gave up creatine. Cycling off the supplement gave me the first week of sound sleep, which helped with the learning process and memory retention.

I’d recommend creatine if you’re a vegetarian or an athlete. Creatine might also help after a sleepless night too. 10g will help you focus and feel normal in a sleep-deprived state.

Most creatine is usually found in red meat, but you’ll hardly get the 5g or 10g that’s recommended when supplementing. Vegans and vegetarians will have trouble obtaining exogenous creatine without supplements, which leads to a whole other set of issues.

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