Adjust Your Plans for Total Lockdowns

England is about to enter a month-long lockdown.

The lockdown is projected to last until December. But the projected month can easily turn into six weeks, and six weeks can easily turn into two months, and two months can turn into 10 weeks.

The winter is highly unpredictable, judging by the events of this Spring. Stating otherwise is just foolish at this point.

I was at both ends of this pandemic. I lived in China when it all started. I survived the total-shut lockdown with armed guards and bolted community doors. I moved through thermal cameras and had my car stopped at various checkpoints trying to come back to Europe.

I made it. Sadly, I brought the weather to Europe with me in March.

And I’m not saying this to incite fear or outrage. This time you know what can happen, and you can adjust your plans and goals and build habits that make you happy and productive.

Don’t fight the windmills. Don’t swim upstream. Find a nice canoe, lay flat, and shoot yourself down the river. Build a better home, write more, and start a business.

The pandemic and lockdowns won’t last forever. Nothing lasts forever.

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