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They understand that time is limited.

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Photo by Toni Koraza on Unsplash

You can travel the world, write books, start businesses, and retire by the time you’re 35.

People that run 10 companies from a Yacht in the Mediterranean are real.

The good news is that you can be one of those founders with 10 companies and more free time than a toddler. The ideas and concepts are easy to understand. I’ve published 300+stories, wrote a novel, traveled 6 months this year, started a Medium publication and a digital agency in London, and lost 20 pounds while never having to lose a single second from my social life.

However, most people will never dare to take control of their time.

Focus on getting the right stuff done to achieve more in less time.

I’d rather wash the dishes myself every day than have to discuss who’s house chore it’s supposed to be that day. …

Weekly Progress Report

Medium is changing, and that’s okay.

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Tuesday report is a weekly roundup of significant improvements, future milestones, and fresh ideas.

What’s new with the orange megaphone:

  • Top 20 List
  • Editor’s Pick — One Story Each Tuesday.

Top Stories’ Page Lists 20 Best Performing Pieces

Hardcover anniversaries are part of the picture, and we’re staying true to the original idea.

Mad Team is working to create a Top 100 list before May 2021 — if the world doesn't end in the meantime, that is. We aim to select best performing Mad stories, slap a nice design for the hardcover, and ship the book out to the world — with the writers’ full permission, of course.

Every featured writer will get a free copy delivered by mail. …

Snap back to work.

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Photo by Toni Koraza on Unsplash

You can accomplish more in 3 hours than most people do in 3 days.

Most people in the world are average and have similar capabilities. Both Stephen King and Donald Trump are not smarter than you. But both men are undeniably effective at what they do.

Stephen King has published almost 100 novels, and they’re everything but short. And you can be just like King if you want to.

  • Productivity: Accomplishing more in less time.
  • Effectiveness: Accomplishing more of the right stuff in less time.

If you focus on effectiveness, instead of grandiose goals and mere productivity, you can accomplish more in less time. …

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