6 Strange Historical Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Human History Is A Collection of Bizarre Moments

he world is one big satirical place full of twist and turns. I’m not sure if this place gets stranger by the day or maybe we’re just more exposed to global news and information. Either way, every new day presents new opportunities to hear about something weird and fun.

I’m sure it wasn’t funny when it happened, but there is no reason why it shouldn’t produce giggles today.

Here is the list of five peculiar and funny historical facts:

1. Patent For The Fire Hydrant Disappeared In The Fire

To this day, we don’t know who invented the fire hydrant. The patent turned to ash when the Washington Patent Office burned down on December 15 in 1836. Talk about irony. The office held the total of 10,000 patents, and all of them turned to dust on that day.

2. Apollo 11 Astronauts Had To Fill The Immigration and Customs Form Upon Return To Earth

That’s right; customs don’t care where you came back from. Rules are rules. Upon their return to planet Earth, astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins had to file customs report. If you are wondering what did they had to declare, the answer is Moondust, moon rocks and lunar samples. They also had to list their flight route with a stopover to the moon. U.S Customs and Border Protection posted the picture of the form for the 40th anniversary of the Apollo mission.

3. Viagra Was Ment To Be The Cure For the Human Heart

This surprise is known as one of the most exceptional business turns in modern history. Viagra was supposed to cure chest pain associated with coronary heart disease.

Trials were unsuccessful for years. Pfizer almost gave up on the idea. They discovered an interesting side effect and managed to satisfy much more than the aching heart. Viagra became the stigma-cutting drug superstar which defined whole generations.

4. Hitler Was A Struggling Artist At First

This is the name that doesn’t come lightly. It’s woven so deeply into our collective consciousness we won’t be soon to forget it — possibly never. He indeed is the supervillain of the 20th century.

On the lighter side, young Adolf, who was not even born in Germany, wanted to become a professional painter. He produced hundreds of paintings and touristic postcards during his life in Vienna. Imagine if Hitler succeeded as an artist? Maybe he would never think about joining politics.

5. CIA Once Sprayed The whole French Village With LSD

It sounds like a YouTube Conspiracy Theory you stumble upon browsing at 2 a.m. But according to H. P. Albarelli Jr., who published the whole book on the subject, the CIA sprayed the entire French village in August of 1951.

If you’re wondering how that may have looked like, the answer it mad. The whole village went berserk on the same day. There were accounts of at least three deaths while dozens ended up in asylums. If you ask your self why would someone do that? Well, the world was strange during the 1950s. CIA was experimenting with potentially mind controlling substance. There are also other accounts of similar *khm* scientific researcher.

6. During Modern History You Could Catch The Dancing Plague

Get funky with it. The Dancing mania occurred between the 14th and 17th century. It involved groups of men, women, and children who danced until they collapsed from exhaustion. Deadly moves.

We don’t know what caused this particular phenomenon, but we know it happened. Historical documents found throughout Europe and some parts of Africa talk about this mania.

The cause was never determined, but the suspected remedies were fun. They would hire professional musicians and construct dancing halls where the sick could go and dance their life away. Most notable outbreaks occurred in Strasbourg in 1518 where thousands of people danced for months on end.

In conclusion

Maybe you won’t impress your history teachers with these facts, but you sure are on the right way to become the body and soul of every geek party. Put the sombrero in your non-alcoholic punch and sway the ladies with some facts. They can’t wait to hear them from you. I’m not even joking on this one.

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