5 Facts That Will Brighten Your Quarantine

#Shakespeare wrote King Lear and Macbeth during the plague

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1. Perfect time to stay at home

Imagine living under quarantine in the 18th century. Imagine the horror of not having Internet, TV, Phone, Instagram, Youtube, Netflix, running water, or delivery. You have it all today. The world is suffering, but as long as you’re healthy, everything is going to be alright. Quarantine and chill.

2. Nature hits the reset button

Even the climate deniers will agree that we exploited and abused the planet for decades. We’re the greatest plague for the Earth. Mother earth is slowly recovering from humans.

3. The art can still thrive

The plague shaped most of William Shakespeare’s life. It was the recurring nuance of the Middle ages and Renaissance in Europe. Shakespeare wrote some of his famous classics with closed theaters. Romeo and Juliet and McBeth both have the plague in them.

4. The scientific progress won’t stop

Issac Newton formulated his famous ideas during the Great Plague. Newton conducted experiments refracting light through a triangular prism and evolved the theory of colors. He also invented the differential and integral calculus and birthed the idea of universal gravitation. There was an apple tree right outside his home in Woolsthorpe.

5. Time for us

The following weeks will give you enough time to reflect on your relationships. You’ll enjoy time with your family and relatives.

The Takeaway

We’re all handling this crisis the best way we know-how. Some are denying, while others hoard toilet paper. I’m panicking, and the majority is trying to stay sober to prevent an even bigger catastrophe.

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